San Diego’s Local Agency Formation Commission consists of eight commissioners from five different membership categories: two commissioners are members of the County Board of Supervisors; one commissioner is from the San Diego City Council; two commissioners are city council members from the 17 other incorporated cities; two commissioners are directors from independent special districts; and one commissioner represents the public. In addition, there are five alternates to the regular members -- one for each membership category. All commissioners serve four year terms.

The county representatives on LAFCO are members of the Board of Supervisors and generally are from the supervisorial districts containing large amounts of unincorporated territory. The City of San Diego member is chosen by the San Diego City Council in accordance with a special provision in State Law. The other city representatives are appointed by a committee composed of the mayors of all the cities. Special district seats on LAFCO are filled through an election process with each independent special district having a vote. The public member is appointed by the other members of the Commission. State Law requires that all commissioners represent the interests of the public as a whole, and not solely the interests of the appointing authority.

Jo MacKenzie
Dianne Jacob
Mary Casillas Salas
Chris Cate
Greg Cox
Jim Desmond
Mark Kersey
Andrew Vanderlaan
Bill Wells
Baron Willis
Erin Lump
Harry Mathis
Paul McNamara