commission cac302San Diego LAFCO is governed by a 13-member “Commission” comprising county, city, special district, and public members.  All Commissioners are appointed elected officials with the exception of the two public members. Commissioners serve four‐year terms and divided between “regulars” and “alternates” and must exercise their independent judgment on behalf of the interests of residents, landowners, and the public as a whole. Commissioners are subject to standard disclosure requirements and must file annual statements of economic interests. The Commission has sole authority in administering its legislative responsibilities and decisions therein are not subject to an outside appeal process. The current Commission roster follows.

Dianne Jacob, Chair
Andrew Vanderlaan, Vice Chair
Jo MacKenzie
Jim Desmond
Mark Kersey
Mary Casillas Salas
Baron Willis
Bill Wells
Chris Cate, Alternate
Greg Cox, Alternate
Erin Lump, Alternate
Harry Mathis, Alternate
Paul McNamara, Alternate