Financial Information

Consistent with State law, San Diego LAFCO’s annual operating costs are primarily funded by annual apportionments paid by local agencies.  The County of San Diego is assigned the largest apportionment at 28.6%. The independent special districts and cities less the City of San Diego are also apportioned funding percentages of 28.6% with individual amounts divided thereafter based on total revenue shares in a given fiscal year. The City of San Diego – and based on special legislation providing the City a dedicated seat on LAFCO – is responsible for the remaining 14.3% of annual operating costs.

San Diego LAFCO’s financial transactions are managed by the Executive Officer and divided between maintaining accounts with the County of San Diego and San Diego County Credit Union.  An outside bookkeeper performs monthly reconciliations of all accounts.   LAFCO also contracts with a separate accounting firm to perform an outside audit of the agency’s financial statements.   Additional financial information by fiscal year follows.