Special Districts Advisory Committee

The Special Districts Advisory Committee was created in August 1971 by San Diego LAFCO and consists of 16 members collectively drawn from the 59 independent special districts in San Diego County. Members serve four-year terms and are appointed by the independent special districts through an election process administered by LAFCO staff.  Committee rules also allow the Committee Chair to appoint members to fill unexpired terms as needed.  The Committee is tasked with providing feedback – including recommendations – on germane topics to assist LAFCO in fulfilling its regulatory and planning functions.  The Committee meets quarterly with its current roster provided below.

General Roster

Kimberly Thorner
Julie Nygaard
Gary Arant
Jack Bebee
Fred Cox
James Gordon
Bill Haynor
Tom Kennedy
Sheryl Landrum
Albert Lau
Hector Martinez
Mark Robak
Augie Scalzitti
Joel Scalzitti
Mike Sims
Robert Thomas