Annual Workplan

Each year San Diego LAFCO establishes a workplan in step with developing an operating budget for the fiscal year. The workplan draws on the recommendations of the Executive Officer as vetted and approved by the Commission. The workplan is divided into two distinct categories – statutory and administrative – with one of three priority rankings: high; moderate; or low. The underlying intent of the workplan is to serve as a management tool to allocate Commission resources in an accountable and transparent manner over the 12-month period. Further, while it is a stand-alone document, the workplan should be reviewed in relationship to the adopted operating budget given the planned goals and activities are facilitated and or limited accordingly. Additionally, and as needed, the Commission reserves discretion to amend the workplan during the fiscal year to address changes in resources and or priorities as needed.

The 2018-19 workplan guides the Commission to prioritize resources in addressing statutory duties and responsibilities. Most notably, this includes allocating sufficient resources to process several prominent reorganizations as well as initiating a new round of municipal service reviews beginning in the mid-county region. Notable new administrative projects include completing a job class/salary schedule review and fee schedule update as well as designing a new website and transitioning to e-agenda packets. A limited number of projects have also been identified as low priorities with the policy intention for the Commission to address – such as updating the application packet and establishing social media polices and protocols – as resources allow. The original workplan adopted by the Commission going into FY2019 is below.

LAFCO Adopted Workplan