Current Proposals

Active Proposals
There are 15 active proposals currently on file with San Diego LAFCO as of date. The active proposals range in scope from pre‐Commission (13) to post‐Commission (2) with the latter category representing items already approved but awaiting the completion of conducting authority proceedings (i.e., protest) or terms. One new proposal has been filed since the last Commission meeting in January involving a requested annexation to the Vallecitos Water District for the provision of wastewater service and is identified below.

“Anthony Heights – Lupa Change of Organization” | Annexation to the Vallecitos Water District (CO20‐01)

The notification of the preceding proposal submittal starts a 60‐day period for Vallecitos Water District to transmit a resolution to LAFCO requesting termination of the annexation proceedings. The termination resolution must cite financial or service‐related concerns supported by substantial evidence in the record as justification for the request.

Pending Proposals
There are six substantive proposals anticipated to be submitted to San Diego LAFCO in the next few months based on ongoing discussions with proponents. Three of these pending proposals involve city annexations in North County to accommodate relatively large residential subdivision projects and include Harvest Hills (Escondido), Sager Ranch (Escondido), and Rancho Lomas Verdes (Vista). Proposal submittals are also anticipated by Fallbrook Public Utility District and Rainbow Municipal Water District to detach from the San Diego County Water Authority and annex to Eastern Municipal Water District. A proposal submittal to form a new County Service Area to assume water service duties for a private for-profit provider in Live Oak Springs (Boulevard) is also expected shortly.

Proposal Summary