Current Proposals

Active Proposals
There are 26 proposal applications currently active and undergoing processing with San Diego LAFCO as of date. Current processing stages of these active applications range from pre‐Commission action (22) to post‐Commission action (4) with the latter category representing items already approved but awaiting the completion of conducting authority proceedings (i.e., protest) or terms. Five new proposal applications have been submitted since the last meeting in June and are identified below.

  • “Mercurio – Grossmont Boulevard Out‐of‐Agency Wastewater Contractual Service Agreement” OAS20‐09 | Sphere of influence Amendment and Contractual Wastewater Service Agreement with the City of La Mesa
  • “Lindauer – Olive Street Reorganization” RO20‐11 | Annexation to Vallecitos Water District and Concurrent Detachment from Vista Irrigation District
  • “Ortiz – Olive Avenue Reorganization” RO20‐12 | Annexation to the City of Vista and Concurrent Detachment from Vista Fire Protection District
  • “Valley Center Community Services District ‐ County Service Area No. 138 Reorganization” RO20‐13 | Dissolution of Valley Center Community Services District and Concurrent Formation of County Service Area No. 138”
  • “San Diego County Fire Protection District Reorganization” RO20‐14 | Formation of San Diego County Fire Protection District and Concurrent Divestiture of Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service Functions of County Service Area No. 135


Pending Proposals
There are five substantive proposals staff anticipates being submitted to San Diego LAFCO contingent with local agency development and environmental reviews for the associated projects, and following hearing and approval by affected local agencies. Three of these pending proposals would involve city annexations in North County to accommodate relatively large residential subdivision projects presently undergoing local planning review, including Harvest Hills (Escondido), Sager Ranch (Escondido), and Rancho Lomas Verdes (Vista).


Proposal Summary