Fallbrook PUD & Rainbow MWD Wholesaler Reorganization (2020)

(RO20-04; RO20-05)

San Diego LAFCO is processing two related proposals separately filed by the Rainbow Municipal Water District (MWD) and Fallbrook Public Utility District (PUD).  These proposals request LAFCO approval for each agency to separately and concurrently detach from the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) and annex to the Eastern MWD (Riverside County) for purposes of changing wholesale water suppliers.   San Diego and Riverside LAFCOs have entered an agreement assigning all related approvals for both proposals to San Diego LAFCO.   San Diego LAFCO will be processing both proposals concurrently to the extent possible under statute with the intent of presenting to the Commission for consideration at a future joint-public hearing.    All related inquiries – including requests to be included in future notices – should be directed to Chief Policy Analyst Robert Barry at robert.barry@sdcounty.ca.gov.

FPUD General Counsel Letter to LAFCO [7/23/20]

EMWD Technical Memorandum [2/12/20]

EMWD Letter to MET [7/25/19]

CWA Response Letter to July 6, 2020 Advisory Committee Meeting [7/15/20]

LAFCO Advisory Committee Meeting [7/6/20]

CWA Letter to LAFCO [7/2/20]

Notice of Proposal Preliminary Staff Report: "Rainbow MWD - Eastern MWD Wholesale Water Reorganization" (RO20-04) [6/16/20]

Notice of Proposal Preliminary Staff Report: "Fallbrook PUD - Eastern MWD Wholesale Water Reorganization" (RO20-05) [6/16/20]

CWA Letter to LAFCO [6/15/20]

June 1, 2020 Commission Meeting: Item 7a: Consideration to Form a Committee and Related Actions Involving Reorganization Proposals Filed by Fallbrook PUD and Rainbow MWD

May 4, 2020 Commission Meeting: Item 6a: San Diego CWA, Fallbrook PUD, and Rainbow MWD Proposals

LAFCO letter to Fallbrook PUD [4/10/20]

LAFCO letter to Rainbow MWD [4/10/20]

SDCWA comment letter on Fallbrook PUD proposal [4/2/2020]

SDCWA comment letter on Rainbow MWD proposal [4/2/2020]

MOU between San Diego LAFCO and Riverside LAFCO [10/24/19]

LAFCO notice to CWA regarding Fallbrook PUD [3/25/20]

LAFCO notice to CWA regarding Rainbow MWD [3/25/20]

Proposal application from Fallbrook PUD (RO20-05) [3/19/20]

Proposal application from Rainbow MWD (RO20-04) [3/18/20]