Archived News
  • Wildflowers

    March 2020 Agenda

    San Diego LAFCO Commission's next meeting is on March 2, 2020 at the San Diego County Administration Center. The agenda is available now.

  • Palomar

    2020 Commission Meeting Schedule

    The next Commission meeting is March 2, 2020 and the rest of the 2020 schedule is available here.

  • Del Mar

    General Announcements

    LAFCO sent out a call for nomination for a regular Special Districts Member Election on LAFCO, as well as, election ballots for the Special Districts Advisory Committee member positions. The FY2019-2023 MSR/SOI Updates Study Schedule is in progress.

  • Gaslamp500

    Current LAFCO Proposals

    There are currently 15 active proposals and 6 potential new and substantive proposals staff expects to be submitted to San Diego LAFCO in the near-term from local agencies based on ongoing discussions with proponents.

  • Palomar

    Changes on the Commission

    San Diego LAFCO welcomes Paul McNamara as the new alternate city member on the Commission. Commissioner McNamara is the Mayor of Escondido and assumes the seat on the Commission previously held by Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina. Commissioner McNamara’s term extends through April 2023.

  • SDSkyline2

    Municipal Service Reviews and Major Proposals

    Along with some major proposals, the Municipal Service Review (MSR) and Sphere Update Study Schedule (FY2019-2023) is in full swing. The purpose of these cyclical planning documents is for LAFCO to independently assess the availability and adequacy of local government services.

  • Palomar

    Getting Ready for 2019-2020

    San Diego LAFCO approved a final workplan and operating budget for 2019-2020 at its April 8, 2019 meeting. The workplan outlines over two dozen specific project goals with one-third tied to preparing scheduled municipal service reviews with the majority focused on northern San Diego County.