I have a failing septic...

If you have a failing septic and there is no other alternative than to seek wastewater services from a wastewater district or City, please first and foremost contact the County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) to document the failing status of septic system.  The purpose of the failing septic system status from DEH is to verify this is a health and safety emergency and therefore expedite the wastewater connection process.  This will also result in a 75% reduction of the LAFCO process fees.  Once you have received this documentation, contact the wastewater district or City regarding a temporary service agreement and annexation requirements.  Afterwards, you can complete and submit your application to the LAFCO office.  On average, applications for wastewater service with a failing septic status take two to three weeks to process.

  • Confirm APN and parcel location to wastewater district or city and sphere of influence
  • Coordinate with County Department of Environmental Health to document failing status of septic system
  • Coordinate with wastewater district or city regarding needed annexation approvals, conditions of service, environmental review, and temporary service agreement
  • Confirm needed LAFCO application forms, fees, and supporting information (map, legal description, etc.)