I want fire protection service...

If you would like to annex into a fire protection district or a city for fire protection service please verify you are eligible and have the proper documentation.  Eligibility is dependent on your parcel location in relationship to the district or city boundary or sphere of influence and the agency’s willingness to serve.  You can confirm the eligibility details by contacting the fire protection district or city’s planning department about the annexation requirements.  Once you have spoken with the fire protection district or city planning department and gathered the necessary information and documentation listed below.  You can complete and submit your application to the LAFCO office.  On average, annexation applications take a minimum of six months to process.

  • Confirm APN and parcel location to fire district and sphere of influence
  • Coordinate with fire district regarding needed annexation approvals, conditions of service, and environmental review
  • Confirm needed LAFCO application forms, fees, and supporting information (map, legal description, etc.)